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Signature Safety is a full-service environmental, health and safety (EHS) consulting firm with offices located in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Our clients span the spectrum of industries, from warehousing and distribution facilities to construction managers; from manufacturing to maintenance contractors; from municipal governments to construction subcontractors.

At Signature Safety, we believe that each company's EHS program is unique to them, just like their signature. That is why Signature Safety will work with you to develop the programs and training courses that will best protect your most valuable assets: your employees. We partner with each of our clients to ensure they are getting everything they need to protect their workforce and be in regulatory compliance, while working within the parameters of their business model.

Signature Safety was founded by safety professionals who have spent a combined 30 years working for contractors and property owners, therefore we bring to the table the unique advantage of having had to make EHS compliance work while maintaining company production levels. We understand that while production does a company no good if they have poor EHS programs, we also understand that strong EHS programs do no good if a company cannot stay in business. Turn to Signature Safety for a partner in success.